Wednesday, March 23, 2011

summer lovin'

well it may not be summer YET, but i am looking forward to warm weather, lighter clothes and COLOR! me, the girl who can barely wear anything besides black from head to toe, is currently very tempted by vibrant colors - that never ending winter sure is affecting me *sigh* actually, i am craving rainbow color anything. aren't these just refreshing?

this candy stripes dress by Kate Spade is the sweetest thing. totally reminds me of Barbie's fashion!
 Leo's birthday coming soon, that would be an awesome way to wrap his presents. from oh happy day
maybe a little drawing on the sidewalk? with these rock-like crayons, hell yeah! see them here
a personal crochet project of mine in the works!
this cake! oh my! as seen here
 after that slice of pure yum, wash it all down with a cool drink using these straws from Etsy seller CupcakeSocial
and while it's still cold outside, maybe i can patiently wait for the warmer weather, all wrapped up in this beauty by Julie Alvarez

summer, please hurry up now mmmkay?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the perfect craft room

i have big dreams for a tiny work space. at the moment, my craft corner is the most depressing thing. it's cluttered, lacks storage, and even though i try to keep it tidy, it always looks like a bomb went off in it after a day. i like to work on several projects at the same time, and need the space to let them all out until i can get back to them, and i think it's too much of a pain in the ass to put everything away after an intense crochet/sewing/whatever session only to have to get everything out a couple of days later. but like i said, i don't have that much space. so i need to come up with clever ideas to make it seems as though it's sorta clean even when it's not. what a challenge! i'm currently on the look out for the most inventive storage solutions available out there. i'm pretty sure i have to start out with this Expedit desk+bookshelf combo from Ikea
then, add a few organizers that are both practical AND pretty! like this desk caddy from Etsy seller, LessandMore
and this yarn bowl is amazing. SO clever! from TheMudPlace
i wouldn't mind having this in the bookshelf to help me keep my books straight. available here

a few baskets to keep the yarn at its place. aren't the colors just lovely? makes you want to create something right away! photo by Heather Bailey
these glass jars make perfect needle storage! from Viviana's craft room
looks like i have a lot of  work to do in order to... be able to do a lot of work!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

snotty little camper

the flu has hit hour house for the second time again this winter, and Leo is sickie. poor little dude. a lot of cuddles and tender loving care is in order! he still is his silly goofy self, though he gets cranky easier and wants to be held alot, which i don't mind because i just love squeezing him. (i have been feeling under the weather myself but i'm not complaining as i have to hold the fort haha.) hang in there my sweet little monkey!

Monday, March 7, 2011

black and white

i just got myself TWO new pair of black and white shoes *happy dance*

one pair of oxfords, from Brown's Shoes

and the other ones were basic white canevas from Payless that i turned into cute saddle shoes thanks to Miss James' diy tutorial

i love them so much! now if winter can please go the f*** away so i can step outside in my new shoes please? thanks!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

etsy treasury

my first treasury list ever! why did i waited so long? oh yeah, that's right, because i didn't know how to create one before (low tech kinda gal here, haha). there are so many good things on Etsy, why can't the moniez grow on trees? here it is, brown sugar!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my heart skipped a beat for...

Lucy Kate. what a doll! found her through her parent's Flickr and holy moly is she a cutie. redhead bunny? summum of cute!

this big boy's room, featuring Aimée Wilder's robot wallpaper. i'd love to do something like that in Leo's room, the colors are amazing!

Jenny's new dining room set. probably the most amazing piece of furniture ever. she did an amazing reupholstering job, and best of all, did ya know she paid the whole thing $60? I KNOW!

this hex nuts bracelet tutorial. how clever!

a new twist on the old classic french manicure, courtesy of Yves St-Laurent. LOVE it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i love baking

i'm the biggest sweet tooth ever and i have no self control when it comes to sugary anything. i don't buy much cookies/cakes but i do bake them. a lot. i'm trying to cut my sugar intake in half but it's the hardest thing to do. today i made these sugar cookies, following this recipe and this one for icing. they were sooo good! i decided to make them all different because first, i can't do the same thing twice as i am not that talented and second, they have much more personality that way! the freckles were done one by one, dipping the tip of a toothpick in orange icing. talk about a task that took forever! and their eyes were made of miniature peanut butter cups. sugar cookies are so easy to do, and so versatile. and well, super yummy too!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

i LOVE coffee with a passion. which is why today, i treated myself to a brand new espresso maker. 

it was about time! it works great, very easy to use and i makes delicious cappuccinos and lattes. so happy with my new machine! now i need to get myself some stencils to serve the cutest coffees ever!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

friends of ours are expecting a little girl this spring. we're so excited for them! we all know what little girls are made of, right? sugar, spice and everything nice. which is why they deserve only the nicest things! the parents-to-be needed a little push to get started on the nursery as they had no idea where to begin or what kind of decor they wanted. when they asked me for my help, i was super happy to give them a hand. they didn't know what they wanted, but they sure knew what they DIDN'T want (Disney princesses, Pepto Bismol pink walls, tacky-and-over-the-top-girly-girl-stuff) so i kept my focus on simple, clean lines,  with feminine touches. as they already had their furniture, i suggested these accessories (and color palette) so they could get started.

see what i mean when i say simple? can't get any easier than this! and you know what? they LOVED it! i was so stoked! when it comes to nursery ideas, i have TONS, but since i'm a vintage lovin' kinda gal, i always tend to create decor with a vintage atmosphere. this time though, i knew my friends weren't into the old stuff like i am, so i had to think outside the box and search far away from my comfort zone. i'm happy to report that it wasn't that difficult! all the items i suggested are super easy to find so they can shop without 1) breaking the bank and 2) gettin' all dizzy and exhausted. i can't wait to see the result, i'm sure they will do a terrific job!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

i scream, you scream

can this dreadful winter be over already? i just can't take anymore snow, i swear i'm about to go crazy! enough with the bitting cold, please just go away. i'm sick of having to put on 15 layers of clothes and STILL have goosebumps. my hair (and skin!) is dry and dull, i need to feel the sun on my skin again. all i wish for is warm weather to arrive early and perhaps, eating some ice cream in a girly summer dress? pretty please!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

gold digger

black and gold, one of my favorite color combo ever

trench perfecto, Burberry Prorsum
gold watch, Casio
skinny jeans, Levis
leather purse, Marc by Marc Jacobs
LOVE double ring, Disney Couture
gold flats, Modcloth

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

marc by marc jacobs

i'm not ashamed to say it, i'm a bag-aholic. i can never have enough bags, purses, totes, whatever. i used to own so many that i could change bag DAILY without ever wearing the same bag twice in a month. no kidding! that was a little too much though, i mean i didn't need all of them (no shit Sherlock!) anyway i always ended up going back to the same bag (a big black carry all) and forgot stuff in each one which got annoying. when i moved a year ago, i purged, purged and purged my collection and got rid of almost everything. i had a lot of great bags but i figured less is more, and chose quality over quantity. now i only own a few, but each of them have a special place in my heart. my favorite designer (for purses) is Marc Jacobs, no contest. i especially love his Marc by Marc Jacobs line because it offers great quality items at affordable prices (well, more than his regular line i mean!). the leather is amazing and it gets even more beautiful as it ages. i love spending hours on the internet searching for ZE bag, and my whish list is always about 7 miles long. at the moment, here are some of the bags i have my eyes on

from left to right, Classic Q Francesca, Totally Turnlock Helena in Forest Green, Dreamy Logo Satchel in Putty, Turnlock Jade in Spinach

and here are the ones i currently own
my beloved Faridah in which i carry everything but the kitchen sink, bright red Soft City tote (i love me a red bag!) and my Baby Groovee that i use when going out for a nice evening.

what can i say, i'm a total bag lady!