Wednesday, February 2, 2011

friends of ours are expecting a little girl this spring. we're so excited for them! we all know what little girls are made of, right? sugar, spice and everything nice. which is why they deserve only the nicest things! the parents-to-be needed a little push to get started on the nursery as they had no idea where to begin or what kind of decor they wanted. when they asked me for my help, i was super happy to give them a hand. they didn't know what they wanted, but they sure knew what they DIDN'T want (Disney princesses, Pepto Bismol pink walls, tacky-and-over-the-top-girly-girl-stuff) so i kept my focus on simple, clean lines,  with feminine touches. as they already had their furniture, i suggested these accessories (and color palette) so they could get started.

see what i mean when i say simple? can't get any easier than this! and you know what? they LOVED it! i was so stoked! when it comes to nursery ideas, i have TONS, but since i'm a vintage lovin' kinda gal, i always tend to create decor with a vintage atmosphere. this time though, i knew my friends weren't into the old stuff like i am, so i had to think outside the box and search far away from my comfort zone. i'm happy to report that it wasn't that difficult! all the items i suggested are super easy to find so they can shop without 1) breaking the bank and 2) gettin' all dizzy and exhausted. i can't wait to see the result, i'm sure they will do a terrific job!

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