Wednesday, March 23, 2011

summer lovin'

well it may not be summer YET, but i am looking forward to warm weather, lighter clothes and COLOR! me, the girl who can barely wear anything besides black from head to toe, is currently very tempted by vibrant colors - that never ending winter sure is affecting me *sigh* actually, i am craving rainbow color anything. aren't these just refreshing?

this candy stripes dress by Kate Spade is the sweetest thing. totally reminds me of Barbie's fashion!
 Leo's birthday coming soon, that would be an awesome way to wrap his presents. from oh happy day
maybe a little drawing on the sidewalk? with these rock-like crayons, hell yeah! see them here
a personal crochet project of mine in the works!
this cake! oh my! as seen here
 after that slice of pure yum, wash it all down with a cool drink using these straws from Etsy seller CupcakeSocial
and while it's still cold outside, maybe i can patiently wait for the warmer weather, all wrapped up in this beauty by Julie Alvarez

summer, please hurry up now mmmkay?


  1. thanks! glad you like my selection :)

  2. Oooh, lovely post! Such colorful stripey items. That cake looks yummy!