Tuesday, January 4, 2011

marc by marc jacobs

i'm not ashamed to say it, i'm a bag-aholic. i can never have enough bags, purses, totes, whatever. i used to own so many that i could change bag DAILY without ever wearing the same bag twice in a month. no kidding! that was a little too much though, i mean i didn't need all of them (no shit Sherlock!) anyway i always ended up going back to the same bag (a big black carry all) and forgot stuff in each one which got annoying. when i moved a year ago, i purged, purged and purged my collection and got rid of almost everything. i had a lot of great bags but i figured less is more, and chose quality over quantity. now i only own a few, but each of them have a special place in my heart. my favorite designer (for purses) is Marc Jacobs, no contest. i especially love his Marc by Marc Jacobs line because it offers great quality items at affordable prices (well, more than his regular line i mean!). the leather is amazing and it gets even more beautiful as it ages. i love spending hours on the internet searching for ZE bag, and my whish list is always about 7 miles long. at the moment, here are some of the bags i have my eyes on

from left to right, Classic Q Francesca, Totally Turnlock Helena in Forest Green, Dreamy Logo Satchel in Putty, Turnlock Jade in Spinach

and here are the ones i currently own
my beloved Faridah in which i carry everything but the kitchen sink, bright red Soft City tote (i love me a red bag!) and my Baby Groovee that i use when going out for a nice evening.

what can i say, i'm a total bag lady!

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